About Overton Choral Society

Overton Choral Society was initially formed as a Glee Club in the early 1900’s and, eventually, under the guidance and batons of a succession of Miss Portals, evolved into a Choral Society.   When the Winchester & County Music Festival (since renamed in 2022 as The Hampshire Choral Festival) was formed in 1920, Overton Choral Society took part in the first concert and have been members and participators every year since.

Overton Choral Society have strong links with Alencon and Euskirchen, Basingstoke’s twin towns, and have sung not only choral music but madrigals, early European music as well as many classic pieces and are also members  of  Basingstoke Festival of Choirs which has extended their repertoire into other areas.. Paul Timms has been the Musical Director of Overton Choral Society for over 25 years and he has recently been joined by Clare Ellis as accompanist.

We sing everything from short pieces to major choral works from the classical repertoire by composers such as Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi as well as modern composers such as Benjamin Britten, Karl Jenkins and John Rutter. 

We meet regularly in St Mary’s Hall in Overton on Monday evenings and always welcome new members and are contactable via email at overtonchoralsoc@gmail.com



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